Lately I have been going to Timezone (the arcade I mentioned before) to play Stacker. Stacker is a game where you stack blocks until it reaches the top of the screen, but the blocks are really fast buuutt the major prizes are mp4 players, mobile phones, sometimes smartphones. Today I got to the last block to get the major prizes but I missed it by one block. I am still really pissed off.


Sorry I didn’t post for a while. I was busy with school and family matters.

Though while I was away I got to watch Pacific Rim and bought the limited edition version of Dark Souls for the 360. Pacific Rim is badass and same with Dark Souls.

Also this week and the week after that and the week after that will have a million exams so I will probably only post once every 3 or 2 days.


I had a pretty good weekend and a pretty good Monday. On Saturday I went to Timezone (for those who don’t know it’s an arcade) and played some Time Crisis 2, which is my favorite Time Crisis. On Sunday I just slept all day.

Today one of my good chums bought me a ticket to go see Pacific Rim. I was excited to watch it today but turns out the ticket he bought was for tomorrow’s screening. In the afternoon I bought a small house plant for my room and milk and cereal.

End of the week

Today was a pretty good day even though it rained really hard during the afternoon. But nothing really worth noting happened

I passed my essay and exam on time and I made a few new friends.

I had japanese siomai for dinner (just siomai with seaweed wrapping outside) and chicken for lunch and breakfast.

I plan to study for the weekend so I might not be able to post anything.

ReED in college WTF and an awesome shirt

Today was a boring day. In my ReED class (religious education) We were given a take home exam that was due tomorrow and we had to make a 5 page essay about why God lets evil stuff happen and whether he is a good god or not, which is also due tomorrow. I won’t be sleeping tonight.

After class I found money on the ground. It was 300 pesos, which is enough for dinner and a t-shirt. So I went t-shirt shopping and ate at a place called Jolibee.

I’ll post a pic of the t-shirt I bought later, right now I’m going to do this take home exam.

But for those who can’t wait, I’ll guess a description will have to do.

It’s a drawing of a chocolate bar shaking hands with a carton of milk. There is a caption at the bottom that says “chocolate milk shake”.

Me being a dumbass

Earlier this morning I was on my way to school in a jeepney when I met a very beautiful woman. It’s hard to describe her but she had very red lips, really feminine eyes, black hair, and was wearing one of those glasses that a slutty secretary would wear, you know, the ones with curved frames.

Anyway I didn’t notice I was staring at her until she started staring at me. I didn’t know what to do and instead of looking away I kept staring. It got awkward and we stared for a good 10 seconds when the dumbass me thought “Maybe I should close my eyes” which I did. She then shook my leg and said hi, I replied with hello, then she pointed outside the jeep and said “You’re going to be late” and I looked outside and saw that the jeep was already past my school and I got off.

Some computer science assignment

For now I’ll be calling computer science com. sci. because it’s shorter.
Our assignment was to make a program that will accept an integer and print “POSITIVE” if it’s positive or “NEGATIVE” if it’s negative and “ZERO” if it’s zero. I’m not sure if my code is correct but here it is.


int main(void)

int X;
scanf(“%d”, &X);


return 0;